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Information for Immigrants


What are the requirements within the framework of the IV 2011 (IA 2011)?

IV 2011 (IA 2011) consists of two modules: Module 1 and Module 2.

  • Module 1

A2 German Skills after 2 years: Upon receipt of the first resident permit (2 year duration), you will have a fulfillment obligation to prove A2 German Skills within 2 years as subject to the European Reference Frameworks for Languages. Thus Module 1 of the IV 2011 (IA 2011) will be fulfilled. Prove of the relevant A2 German Skills has to be issued by a generally accepted Certificate of Language.

Attention: Please, consider all information regarding reimbursement of fees below!

  • Module 2

B1 German Skills for permanent resident permit and Austrian citizenship:

If you are aiming for a permanent resident permit and/or the Austrian citizenship, you are required to prove B1 German Skills as subject to the Eurpean Reference Framework for Languages. Upon fulfillment of the specific level, you will have complied with Module 2 of the Integration Agreement. There is no obligation of fulfillment and no reimbursement of fees with Module 2.

Attending courses is not required, but highly recommended.

There is no obligation to attend a language course of 300 hours. Additionally, there is the possibility of attending no courses at all or attending less units than recommended. We also offer courses for various levels with a shorter duration.

What are the possibilities for reimbursement of fees?

  1. The Blue Voucher: The relevant authorities will issue a Blue Voucher.
  2. German-Integration-Courses: You have attended a course with a certified institute.
  3. 18 Months: You are required to obtain A2 German Skills within 18 months and will have to pass a test issued by the ÖIF.
  4. DTO or ÖIF-Test: You prove your language skills by passing one of the two following tests by the ÖIF: Deutschtest for Austria (DTÖ) or ÖIF-Test.

If you comply with the specific requirements, you have a right to financing. Financing includes a maximum of 300 units and/or 50% of the course fees, but 750€ at max.

What happens, if an individual cannot fulfill the Integration Agreement within two years?

For particular serious reasons (i.e. serious illness) an application for extension of the period of fulfillment of the Integration Agreement can be issued.

Are you ready for the ÖIF-Test and/or the DTÖ-Test?

Your German is already good enough? Or do you require more coaching? Take our assessment test to see, if you are in sufficient command of the dimensions of the ÖIF-Test. The assessment test will be available soon.

Important: Assessment does not necessarily mean to pass the test!

Citizenship Application

All applications issued prior to July 1st 2011 will be concluded according to earlier regulations. Such applications continue to require A2 German Skills as a prerequisite to fulfillment of the Integration Agreement.
All applicants entering the Integration Agreement after July 1st 2011 will have to obtain B1 German Skills.