Free EWI German-Webinar


Our webinar is for everyone who wants to learn German with the computer from everywhere in the world. For free!

We offer you therefore our free webinar and we are happy to greet you in our online-classroom this week! Every week we go through a topic. More information in the calendar below.

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04.09 | 10:00 Uhr MEST Begruessung_icon Familie und Freunde
to be announced | 10:00 Uhr MEST Essen Essen und Trinken
to be announced | 10:00 Uhr MEST Mein Tag Mein Tag
to be announced | 10:00 Uhr MEST Freizeit Freizeit
to be announced | 10:00 Uhr MEST Lernen Lernen- ein Leben lang
to be announced | 10:00 Uhr MEST Wohnung Meine Wohnung


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


For whom is the Free EWI German-Webinar made for?
Our Free EWI German-Webinar is for German students who want to keep their level by regular exercises from everywhere in the world and who want to get to know our school.

Which language level are the webinars?
The language level of the seminars are roughly A1-A2, depending on the topic. It is also suitable for advanced german students as a revision.


In which language are the webinars held?
The webinars are held in German, with special language methods people from all over the world and different language groups can participate in the seminar.

Do I need any technical equipment to participate?
No, you just need a computer with access to the internet or a mobile phone with a headset or speakers. A microphone is recommended to ask questions in the webinar.

What does the participation in the webinar cost?
Participating is completely free! The webinar is a small thank you for your enthusiasm to learn a new language.

How long does the webinar take?
The webinars start on time and take exactly 60 minutes.

Can I suggest a topic?
Yes, of course, please send us an e-mail to: